Especial Products

  • Natural tiger eye round beads. Tiger eye beads are enfilades on strands of 40 cm. The tiger eye round beads are holed and available in different sizes. Tiger eye is a semiprecious stone often used to assemble jewelry.

  • Natural Amethyst round beads strands. Holed amethyst round beads to assemble necklaces or bracelets. Each strands measure about 40 cm. Various beads sizes are available. It is african amethyst.

  • Round beads of rose quartz. Natural rose quartz round beads, holed to make handmade jewelry. Rose quartz beads are strung into strands of 40 cm. You can choose from various sizes of beads available .

  • Green Agate round beads. Natural agate beads, dyed and holed. The green agate beads are strung into strips about 40 cm. There are available various sizes of round beads. The beads present fairly luster and natural veins, typical of agate gemstone.

  • Carnelian rose for threading. This beautiful rose-shaped bead has been carved in carnelian, so it has an orange color and a beautiful shine. The piece has two transverse holes to thread it. It measures 1.9 cm x 1 cm and weighs 5 grams. Price by unit.

  • Bead with the shape of a moon. It is a charm with the shape of a crescent moon that has a star and a heart carved, and which can be very useful as a bead to assemble jewelry. It has been made with an antique silver color zinc alloy and its measures are: 9 mm x 17 mm x 3 mm and a hanger hole of 1 mm diameter. The 20 grams bag you will receive has about 16...

  • Jade doughnut for pendant. These beads are worked in jade, set in round shape with a hole in the center like a donut, which makes them optimal for pendants or other crafts. Available in three sizes: - 1.9 cm diameter and 3 grams. - 2.7 cm diameter and 7 grams. - 4 cm diameter and 12 grams. They are translucent and have nice typical jade stones...

  • Cabochon of semi precious stones with heart shape. Gorgeous heart-shaped bead of excellent quality and brightness. Available in green aventurine, rose quartz, red jasper, green jasper, tiger eye and onyx. It has a 6 mm diameter hole in the back for easy coupling to the crimping. Stone's measures 1.9 x 1.6 x 0.5 cm and 2 grams. The price corresponds to one...

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