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  • Green aventurine Round beads . Natural green aventurine holed round beads . These green aventurine beads are enfilades in strands about 40 cm. There are different sizes of beads available.

  • Sandstone beads for jewelry. Sandstone round beads are available in various sizes, are holed and enfilades into strands about 40 cm. The sandstone presents endless golden bright spots that resemble gold dust.

  • Sandstone barrel beads for jewelry. Beads of sandstone barrel shape to make any kind of jewelry. The sandstone beads are enfilades into strands about 40 cm weighing about 28 grams. Each sandstone bead barrel shape measuring 8 mm x 12 mm.

  • Sandstone olive shape beads for jewelry. Sandstone olives shape beads measure 8mm x 12mm each. They are presented enfilades into strands about 40 cm that containing around 32 beads. The approximate weight of each strand of sandstone olive shape beads is 30 grams.

  • Moss agate olive shape beads. The moss agate olive shaped beads are holed and measuring 8 mm x 12 mm each one. They are ideal for making handmade jewelry and are presented enfilades on strands of about 40 cm. Each strand of moss agate olive shaped contains nearly 33 beads and weighs about 35 grams.

  • Natural indian agate little bone shape beads. The Indian agate beads, carved in the shape of bones measure 7 mm x 11 mm each one. They are enfilades on strands of 40 cm long and weighing 30 grams. There are on average 34 Indian agate beads on each strand.

  • Natural miracle agate faceted beads. Agate miracle faceted round beads, holeds and enfilades on strands 40 cm in size. The agate miracle faceted beads are available in various sizes. Agate miracle is the name that is given to a variety of reddish brown natural agate.

  • Natural tiger eye round beads. Tiger eye beads are enfilades on strands of 40 cm. The tiger eye round beads are holed and available in different sizes. Tiger eye is a semiprecious stone often used to assemble jewelry.

  • Natural Amethyst round beads strands. Holed amethyst round beads to assemble necklaces or bracelets. Each strands measure about 40 cm. Various beads sizes are available. It is african amethyst.

  • Round beads of rose quartz. Natural rose quartz round beads, holed to make handmade jewelry. Rose quartz beads are strung into strands of 40 cm. You can choose from various sizes of beads available .

  • Holed semiprecious stone butterfly to thread. These butterflies are suitable for threading with any type of strand or to mount pendants with pins. Size: 3.5 cm x 3 cm and 6.5 grams. They are carved in green jade and in dyed green aventurine. The price is per unit.

  • Orange aventurine butterfly for pendant. These nice butterflies can be attached to a hook to use them as a pendant. It is a bead which is carved in orange aventurine. Dimensions: 3.5 cm x 3 cm and 6.5 grams. The listed price is per piece.

  • Green aventurine butterfly to thread. These butterfly shaped stones are carved in high relief on both sides. They are made in dyed green aventurine. Measurements: 4.5 cm x 3 cm and 8 grams. Price indicated per unit.

  • Green aventurine butterfly-shaped bead. These butterfly-shaped beads are carved in green aventurine, with high relief on the front side and drawing on both sides. They can be thread with strand or pin. These stones measure 5 cm x 3.5 cm and about 12.5 grams. Price per piece.

  • Butterfly pendant in onyx or jade. These semiprecious stones shaped like a butterfly have two holes at the top to use them as a pendant. They are made of black onyx or dyed pink jade. Their size is 6 cm x 4 cm and they weigh about 13 grams. The price corresponds to the unit.

Showing 16 - 30 of 152 items

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